Texas - the Second Largest and Populated State in America

In the park you can see many representatives Texas fauna. And to the west there is an old ghost town of Terlingua.

In Texas there is also the National Park “Guadalupe” with its peak - the highest point in the state, and beautiful oasis McKittrick Canyon. Other places are also interesting: Hill Country, a huge field with lots of wildflowers and ranches with cattle, and Palo Duro Canyon, the second largest canyon in the States.

Barbecue is an important part of the diet of any true Texan. Apart from the usual recipes in America, in Texas there are a few of their own. Chili is the official dish: here you can try many varieties of dishes, including the original and real Texas chili without beans. Tex-Mex - it is a separate cuisine, born from a combination of Texan and Mexican culinary traditions. Chicken steak is another very popular dish in Texas, usually served with spicy sauce, mashed potatoes and beans.