Ruby Falls in Chattanooga - Miracle Dungeon in Tennessee

The researcher Leo Labmert decided to pave the descent into the cave from the top of the mountain, the construction began in 1928. In December 1928 he found the vesicle with air flowing through it. Lambert went with a small team to investigate the discovery, and as a result the team has found a beautiful underground waterfall. The path from the surface to the waterfall and back took 17 hours. The next time, Lambert took his wife, courageous woman was not afraid to go a long way with her husband, and he named the waterfall in her honor-Ruby.

These days, pretty fast elevator brings visitors to a depth of 340 meters. On the way to the waterfall there are many pieces of fantastic shapes, funny that there are even a number of signs “elephant leg”, “ice cream cone”, “fish” etc. Caves are effectively illuminated. Near the waterfall you can hear solemn music and see lights changing, it is a pity that the time allotted for its examination is very limited due to the large flow of tourists.

The height of water drop is about 44 meters, the age of the waterfall is estimated as 30 million years.

There, underground, with rocks and water around, you might think again and again about how beautiful our planet is and how little we know about it.