Paradise for Fans of Eco-Tourism - Montana

Dozens if not hundreds of tourist routes go through interesting historical and cultural places: Montana State Museum, the Museum of the Rockies, Art Gallery, State Capitol.

Various festivals are held in Montana all year round. In May - Festival of Wine and Food, in June - Strawberry, in July and August - Balloon Festival, in November - Christmas Parade, in December - the Festival of Trees.

The National Park of ice in Montana is called Glacier National Park due to the large number of glaciers on its vast territory. In the park there are two mountain ranges and more than 130 lakes. Rugged mountains, wild forests and crystal waters fascinate every tourist by the beauty. It is best to make two trips to the park – through short and long routes to see all the sights. One circle lies at the bottom, and the second leads to the viewing platform, which offers a great view of the glacier and the blue lake at its foot. The routes do not overlap with each other! You can move along the serpentine roads of the park on your own car, or on the tour bus. National Park is open for visits from May to September. Since the summer in the north of America is not hot, the walk won’t make you tired.