Oklahoma Remains an Attractive Investment Center

Oklahoma City is a major industrial city, which has been recognized by Forbes magazine among the most resistant to the recession of major American cities. The city has ten skyscrapers, the first of which was built in 1927. And the city's tallest building was opened not so long ago - in 2012. The tower “Devon” is 257 meters, and one of the top floors of a skyscraper has a viewing platform.

The first film in the history of cinema with the plot “oil rules the world” was shot in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City - one of the few cities in the zone of the prairie, which has its canals, waterways similar to Amsterdam or Venice. The channel runs through the state capital respectable areas and leads to the down-town city. On the entire length of the channel there is a water taxi, which takes you to the impressive monument dedicated to the era of the Wild West. The monument consists of 45 pieces of women, men, children, horses and carts with belongings, symbolizing the settlers, which the city owes its origins to; the total length of the monument is more than one hundred meters. On the territory of Oklahoma City there is also an impressive seven-storey city park with a botanical garden in the center.

Anadarko - Indian town in Oklahoma was carefully planned and built by anthropologists from the University of Oklahoma in 1955. The place was not chosen by chance, since a hundred years ago, there was the massacre of Indians loyal to the Confederation of the North.