Castle of Belarus, Which is Worth Visiting

Mir Castle (Mirsky Complex) is certainly one of the most famous and visited Belarusian castles. It is situated on the outskirts of the small town Mir, which is south-east of the Grodno region. Until the mid-sixteenth century, the owners of the castle were Ilyinich Gentry, until the first half of the nineteenth century it belonged to the Radziwill, later Wittgenstein got the rights for it (until 1891), and then Svyatopolk-Mirsky. In 1939 the gothic ensemble became the property of the state.

Included in UNESCO's treasury, the castle has something to show to tourists. This is perfectly recreated atmosphere of the Middle Ages and rich exhibition of the museum, and many legends related to the castle, which can be told by the guide. Here you can walk by the defensive embankments, see the beautiful pond, scenic parks and get on one of the regular castle knightly tournaments. The fairly well-developed infrastructure is established for the convenience of tourists: there is a hotel with 15 rooms, a restaurant serving of authentic medieval cuisine, meeting rooms and shops with souvenirs of masters.